Bachelor of Information Systems

Study Program Profile


Information Systems Study Program Profile

Information Systems Study Program is a study program that connects 2 (two) scientific aspects, namely Information Technology and Business Management. This makes information systems science able to align business needs and technology needs in an organization.

Graduates of S1 SI UHW Perbanas are designed to have the ability to provide information system solutions with advantages in the business and banking fields, and are equipped with soft skills that are in line with the needs of the industrial world.


SI Study Program Advantages

  1. Knowledge of business and banking.
  2. Specialized IS skills leading to business and banking
  3. Strong ethics and personality in business and banking.
  4. International certification for the professional skills required by business and banking.
  5. Digital Science Technopreneur to support digital-based business development.

Field of Interest

The areas of interest in the UHW Perbanas Information Systems Study Program are as follows:

1. Information System Management

Field of interest Information System Management is able to analyze business problems, plan business strategies, and evaluate performance and Information Technology services in supporting business organizations.

2. Programming and Information Technology Infrastructure

Field of interest Programming and Information Technology Infrastructure able to design and build Information Systems and IT infrastructure to support business organizations.

3. Data Engineering And Enterprise Systems

Areas of interest Data Engineering and Enterprise Systems are able to analyze and manage enterprise systems and utilize data to be transformed into information and knowledge for decision making in business organizations.


SI Laboratory

The laboratories in the Perbanas UHW Information Systems Study Program are as follows:

  1. Information Systems Management Laboratory
  2. Information Technology Infrastructure and Programming Laboratory
  3. Enterprise Systems and Data Engineering Laboratory

Support MBKM (Merdeka Learn Independent Campus)

In terms of readiness to support this independent campus policy, Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University has experience in participating in the PERMATA (Indonesian Student Exchange) program which was held from 2016 to 2018. There are 5 private universities that have collaborated with Perbanas to organize PERMATA programs are:

  1. National Education University (UNDIKNAS),
  2. Nitro Makassar College of Management Sciences (STIM),
  3. Dharmajaya Institute of Business and Informatics Lampung,
  4. Warmadewa University Bali and
  5. North Sumatra Islamic University (UISU)

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