Diploma III in Accounting


Students who take a Study Program of Diploma III in Accounting will take part in courses that are divided into institution compulsory courses, study program compulsory courses and elective courses with a total of 120 credits during the three-study period. The following is the curriculum presented in the Diploma III Accounting Study Program:  

Compulsory Courses of Institution Introduction to Accounting 6
Practical for Introduction to Accounting 1
Financial Management 3
Commercial Law 2
Introduction to Economics Theory 3
Ethics and Personality Development 2
Business English 2
Business English for Accounting 2
Indonesian Language 3
Religious Education 3
Pancasila and Citizenship Education 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Business Mathematics 2
Statistics 2
Internships 4
Research Methodology 2
Thesis 4


Compulsory Courses of Study Program Intermediate Financial Accounting 6
Introduction to Business and Management 3
Practical Intermediate Financial Accounting 3
Advanced Financial Accounting 3
Accounting Laboratory 2
Cost Accounting 3
Management Accounting 3
Accounting System 1
Basic Accounting Information System 2
Auditing 3
Auditing Laboratory 2
Public Sector Accounting 3
Introduction to Taxation 3
Taxation 3
Tax Accounting 3
Business Ethics and Professional Accountants 3
Practicum for Number Processing 1
Practicum for Data Processing 1
Practicum for Computer Accounting 2
Business Communication 3
Laboratory of Intensive English on Accounting 2


Elective Courses of Study Program Bank Products 3
Accounting for Banking 3
Analysis of Financial Statements 3
Advanced Accounting Information System 3
Bank Operations Laboratory 4
Corporate Budgeting 3


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