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STIE Perbanas Surabaya at Glance

STIE Perbanas Surabaya is Business and Banking School established by the Association of National Commercial Banks (PERBANAS) of East Java. STIE Perbanas Surabaya has two campuses, both in Surabaya, with a distance of approximately 5 kilometers from one another.
STIE Perbanas Surabaya has become a leading business and banking school in Indonesia, which is reflected by the success in obtaining the Campus Excellence Award (AKU) for five years from the Coordinator of Private Universities of East Java. One of STIE Perbanas Surabaya outstanding achievement is the Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions with an “A”rating from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education in December 2016. This accreditation makes STIE Perbanas Surabaya became one of sixty six leading universities, among 4.607 universities in Indonesia. At course and study level, the excellent achievements is reflected in the Accreditation of "A" for the Undergraduate in Accounting, Undergraduate in Management, Diploma in Accounting and Diploma in Finance and Banking, and Accreditation of "B" for Master of Management and Undergraduate in Islamic Economics.
In an effort to improve the link and match between graduate competencies and industry, STIE Perbanas Surabaya has collaborated with a wide range of industries, particularly banks and other business organizations. Other efforts to improve the competence of graduates is the professional certification, such as Basic Financial Accounting Competence Certification for Accounting students and Bank Risk Management Certification and the Capital Market Certification for Management students. Efforts to improve the absorption of graduates is also done through Course for Job Preparation, internship programs in national and international companies, as well as on Campus Graduate Recruitment, Campus Hiring and Job Fair.


Alamat Kampus

  • Kampus 1: Jl. Nginden Semolo 34-36 Surabaya
  • Kampus 2: Jl. Wonorejo Timur 16 Surabaya
  • Telp. 031-5947151, 031-5947152 Fax. 031-5935937
  • Hotline Telp/SMS/WA: 0858 9597 9800
  • email: [email protected]
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