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STIE Perbanas provides some students with scholarships and other awards. The scholarships are given to the students with the best academic performance. However, other factors such as leadership, national and international recognitions on sports or other non academic performance can also be taken into account for the nomination. All scholarships are related to the study financing but not other financing such as accommodation, books, and living cost. The students who get these scholarships will be continuously competed with others every year. Some scholarships are as follows:

  • Scholarships from STIE Perbanas. This scholarship is provide for the new students, in which this covers all the study financing, and there are 8 students to get this kind of scholarship..
  • Scholarships from the Perbanas Foundation. This scholarship is given to the students covering the study financing as it has been stipulated by the foundation. There are 6 students who receive this kind of scholarship every year.
  • Scholarships from Supersemar Foundation. This is a scholarship which is financed the Indonesian government in which about 3 students get this kind of scholarship..
  • Scholarships for academic performance improvement. This scholarship is also financed by the Indonesia government.

In addition to the above scholarships, there are still other scholarships which have been provided by other industries such as the scholarship given by Bank Niaga (Bank CIMB), Surabaya

Alamat Kampus

  • Kampus 1: Jl. Nginden Semolo 34-36 Surabaya
  • Kampus 2: Jl. Wonorejo Timur 16 Surabaya
  • Telp. 031-5947151, 031-5947152 Fax. 031-5935937
  • Hotline Telp/SMS/WA: 0858 9597 9800
  • email: [email protected]
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