STIE Perbanas Surabaya


Vision, Mission & Culture


To become the leading university that has competitive advantage in business and banking with the international standard.


  • Operate education and teaching-learning process that creates competitive advantage in business and banking with international standard.
  • Conduct good quality research and community services that provide contribution to developing science and knowledge and practice in business and banking as well as improving the people’s welfare.
  • Network the sustainable cooperation with various related institutions both overseas and domestic scale in the effort of accomplishing the university three-activity –dedication: teaching, research, and community services.
  • Engineer the management that creates an academic atmosphere with its orientation towards the sound, dynamic, and friendly university management.

Corporate Culture

  • On-going improvement in the sense that, in the effort of creating the vision, the academicians members continuously enhance the improvement of all aspects such as to improve the input, process, and output, as well as the system for providing services, in which it entails the innovation, creativity, and consistency.
  • Future orientation, in the sense that, the on-going improvement does not only orient it towards the short-term and middle-term goals but also towards the long-term goals, in which it entails the values of being idealistic, systematic, measurable, and sustainable.
  • Provide the best results in the sense that, the on-going-improvement with the orientation toward the future requires the best results as the goal of every job accomplished by each member of STIE Perbanas Surabaya, in which it entails the values of integrity, hard work, effectiveness, and efficiency, discipline, volunteer, and commitment.
  • Appreciate one another in the sense that in the effort of on-going-improvement with the orientation towards the future that always provides the best results needs attitude and behavior by making others as working partners so that others also are treated proportionally as human beings, in which it entails the values of empathy, togetherness, and dignity.
  • Caring and being environment friendly in the sense that all, together, have responsibility to have good quality environment and, therefore, the academician members should always keep and maintain both internal and external environment physically and socially in which it entails the values of being caring, clean, tidy, harmonious, friendly, and cordially.

Alamat Kampus

  • Kampus 1: Jl. Nginden Semolo 34-36 Surabaya
  • Kampus 2: Jl. Wonorejo Timur 16 Surabaya
  • Telp. 031-5947151, 031-5947152 Fax. 031-5935937
  • Hotline Telp/SMS/WA: 0858 9597 9800
  • email: [email protected]
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